In times of grief, Shuang Rong understands the burden that funeral arrangements entail. Having years of experience in providing funeral services, we are committed to guiding you throughout the aspects of funeral service, helping you make informed decisions with professionalism, compassion and utmost respect.

Funeral Service Provider You Can Trust


We guarantee to deliver the highest of standards, products and services as well as values not found elsewhere. Pioneering in legacy, through service, tradition and commitment to excellence, we have customised funeral services designed to meet the needs of the family as well as the expressed wishes of the deceased.

Whether you prefer a simple or elaborate funeral setup, we have tailored services and packages for all religious and ethnic backgrounds. Whether your deceased loved one is a Catholic, Christian, Buddhist, Taoist or non-religious, with the wide range of funeral services we offer in Singapore, you know you’re in professional hands.

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Our Services

Funeral Singapore

Non-Religious Funeral Service

The need to honour the deceased with a proper funeral remains the same, with or without religion. Our non-religious funeral service is as significant as any other funeral service. Whether you plan to bid goodbye to your loved one in a straightforward or elaborate manner, we can help you realise your ideas.

Singapore Funeral

Catholic/Christian Funeral Service

Our Catholic/Christian funeral services may differ slightly depending on the family’s wishes and religious traditions. For instance, the Catholic funeral rites consist of three main parts including vigil, funeral liturgy and rite of committal. But, although they may differ, every funeral is designed to ensure the funeral rites are performed for the deceased.

Taoist Funeral

Taoist Funeral Service

Although Taoist rites for the deceased can differ, we know their funeral traditions well, particularly how elaborate they can be with their wake. So, other than providing funeral arrangements, our services include providing advice to the family of the deceased. It’s why many Taoist families trust us with their funerals.

Buddhist Funeral

Buddhist Funeral Service

For a Buddhist family, other than providing the dead with a dignified wake, the funeral serves to prepare him to his next life. Our Buddhist funeral package starts at only $5800 which include the Mandai cremation fee, monk chanting and all the other essential items for a dignified Buddhist funeral.

Our selection of products and services offers you the widest variation of ways to honour your deceased loved one. Contact us today to learn more about our funeral packages.