About Us

At Shuang Rong, we provide a one stop service for you as your love ones depart from our world. With our team of experience consultants, we offer services, advices and support from our heart to help you create a personal and memorable last journey for your loved ones and to tide thru this difficult time.

We customize and personalize packages to suit your preferences. In order to give you and your loved one that one last journey they would have wanted.

Besides providing a one stop funeral service, we also sell a range of products from Joss paper, Joss Sticks, God Statues, Confectionery and etc..


雙荣成立于一九九九年。我们拥有经验丰富的顾问团队提供一站式专业服務。 全天24小时为有需要的家属竭诚效劳,提供建议和支持。



我们的总公司和零售店有销售多种系列的产品,其中包括冥镪,香烛,包月套餐,神的雕像和香以及许多其他产品 。